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Hippo, 'Beebe', two-ton wonder at Brookfield zoo, protects newly born 40-pound infant during driving rain.

Disconsolate, with drumsticks, but no drum, Jack Dunn, orchestra leader hums a plaintive melody as he surveys his fire-scorched instruments. Mr. O'Day was instructed to salvage something for a picture. When the photographer arrived the dejected…

Inspection aboard the U.S.S. Wisconsin.

Little Mill Milk Puss, one of many captivating kittens at the Los Angeles Shelter for Stray animals, clambers out of her pan after an embarrassing tumble.

Photo of a horse with it's mouth open.

Photo shows 3-year-old king and queen of the V.F.W. beauty show.

At the Milwaukee Washington Park Zoo, Sultana II and her 4 month old cub attract thousands.

Mr. O'Day was asked to take a picture of a 4-week-old baby girl that walked. Believing it was quite a trick if the young lady could do it, O'Day gladly accepted the assignment. 'Because the mother remarked there was a shortage of help,' says Mr.…

Army searchlight batteries at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum War Show turned night into day in a demonstration of America's armed might.

This picture, made at a Chicago Kennel shows an eight-inch high Dachshund guiding her sightless Collie companion.