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The bride's wink makes the picture, said the judges. Otherwise it would be just another wedding.

A 'planned' aerial picture, this one was taken near the end of a long dry spell. The spotty thunderstorms in the distance offered relief and contrast.

Phelan has reason to be proud of this picture, because he actually went out looking for such a traffic tie-up. The busses had been stuck for twenty-four hours and transportation was completely suspended.

A cold-day picture that looks cold. Mr. Johnson reports it was 'a great deal more comfortable on the inside looking out.' Adding to the realism are the frost-coated windowpane, the postman warming his ears.

Lake of the Ozarks, nestling dragonlike in the Osage River Valley, is obscured even from the air by a bluish haze.

Herald-American cutlines asked, 'Who had ever heard of having to thaw out underwear?' This picture proved it can happen here. The photographer's wife was the only person who would pose with the 'stiffs' in the 14-below-zero weather.

Fog and sailboats with naked masts combine with the beauty of the sun burning through the haze to make an unusual picture. This atmospheric condition lasts only a few moments.

It's just another picture of good old Lake Michigan kicking up her heels, Mr. Hamm reports, 'but the back lighting looked interesting so I made the shot.'

Mr. Massie carried out extensive research to learn when the sun, at this spot, would be 'straight up the lake.' It occurs only twice a year, he found--around Memorial Day and again about Labor Day. This shot was made Labor Day.

Woman standing in what is left of her home after a natural disaster.