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Oriental woman drinking a soda.

Snow plows clearing a road.

Traffic in Minneapolis slithers and shudders to a standstill during one of the worst snowstorms of 1948. Mr. Kamman shot the picture from a pedestrian overpass.

Two nuns on a rainy street. The simple set title 'Rain' fits the simplicity of the theme.

Chicago--continued freezing weather piled icy coat upon icy coat to make the pilings along Lake Michigan look like strange headless turtles.

When Mr. Emanuel left his office on a routine assignment, it was dry and clear. Before he returned, the day had turned drab, and a heavy snow covered the landscape. Emphasizing the gloom and loneliness, a solitary figure plodded through the gray…

Thirsty cattle in the Fresno-Bakersfield area, were pressing against a barbed-wire fence, trying to reach a small, dry creek bed. 'They ran when we stopped,' Rogers said, 'but dead tree and arid range plainly showed what stockmen were up against.'…

A contestant in the National Championship Water Ski meet, at Martin's Lagoon, Middle River, Md., takes a nasty spill trying to jump the hurdle.

Three waterspouts in action at one time. The picture was made during a tour of open-sea oil wells off the Louisiana coast.

Fall closes doors to Detriot skippers and sun s on another yacht racing season as the trim craft make the final run back to moorings in the Detroit river.