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Farah Nosh



Getty Images / TIME Magazine / The New York Times


Duyar Sai Fehan (age 42, b.1964) at home in Baghdad photographed with his daughter Shama. Injured on May 25, 2003 when his civilian vehicle was run over by an American military vehicle, resulting in an arm and leg amputation. “I don’t have a hand and a leg. I was in a car in the Dora district, when an American vehicle ran over our car. 2 died, my arm was lost immediately, and then I lost my leg to gangrene. My medical costs have been around 7 million Dinars. I sold my car, and really we had nothing in our home for a while. Even this carpet was a gift. I borrowed and people gave gifts. You know a worm how it walks the earth little by little? That’s me, little by little.”


Farah Nosh, "Wounded," in POYi Archive, Item #46169, http://archive.poy.org/items/show/46169 (accessed August 4, 2020).

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