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Farah Nosh



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Saif Yusif Hanoun (born 1991), at his home with his brother in Al-Amil district of Baghdad. Injured on May 5, 2003 by American gunfire, resulting in a below the knee amputation. 'I was sick with a fever. It was 2pm and my uncle was taking me to the hospital. We were ascending a bridge and there was a man behind us trying to tell us to stop, but just as he did, it was too late, and we didn’t have time, the Americans hit us. I lost my leg fourteen days later. Depression. Everything is available, but depression is my problem. I have a bicycle; I keep falling off of it, so finally my mother broke it. I don’t want anything; I don’t want anything, just my leg.' Notes: Saif's mother says that Saif 'throws his fire (anger)' on his younger brother (age 9) because he is resentful of his brother's legs. Saif hits his brother on his legs saying, 'look at him, he's younger than me and he runs and plays ball, isn't he ashamed of himself?' Saif’s family sold their car and some land to pay for his surgeries. Saif’s father has left his family in Baghdad and is now remarried and living in the United Arab Emirates, he says he won’t return until there is security in the country.


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