After the Quake

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After the Quake


Espen Rasmussen



Verdens Gang


It is early morning in the village Jiggan on 2.350 meters above sea level and Budleajan covers the grave of her son Gulam, who died in the earthquake. - He was my best son, says the mother. The earthquake in Kashmir, Pakistan, on the 8th of October 2005, killed more than 80.000 people. The city of Balakot was one of the worst hit towns, as it was close to where the 7.6-magnitude quake was centered. Three months after the earthquake, around three million people are still homeless, living in cold tents and collapsed ruins high up in the wintercold mountains. The reliefwork is going on with trucks and helicopters, but the aid are often halted because of the hard winter.


Espen Rasmussen, "After the Quake," in POYi Archive, Item #46185, (accessed February 17, 2019).

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