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Photograph of a group of black widow spiders.

Man spear fishing under the ice. No information given with the photograph.

Children of the ghetto, Fez. Morocco, drawing water for their sabbath ritual.

Woman standing in the doorway of a shack with five children. She is breast feeding a sixth child. No information given with photograph.

Soccer player flying through the air horizontally.

Snow inside an intricate iron fence.

Photo shows sky diver just after he jumped from a plane and before opening the parachute.

Group of men in Mexican attire, singing.

Photo shows four men standing at bar with different kinds of shoes or boots that imply their occupations.

Series of pictures showing the sinking of the Andrea Doria. First photo shows ship starting to tip to one side, second the ship beginning to sink, the third the ship is almost all under water and the fourth photograph shows the water churning where…