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Photograph shows the sinking of the Andrea Doria.

The Italian liner Andrea Doria rapidly takes in water after fatal collision with liner Stockholm off Nantucket. Her lifeboats leave with passengers destined for rescue ships standing by. She went to the bottom shortly after picture was made.

Photo shows Emil Semrau with a glass of beer and a crutch.

A lone negro girl waits outside the high school while a group of white boys whoop it up before class. Integration of this school touched off a race riot which finally called out the National Guard, complete with tanks.

Picture shows a sculptor with a mallet in hand.

Photo shows Santa Claus throwing candy to children during Christmas parade.

Series of pictures of Carl Sandburg at his farm. First photograph shows Mr. Sandburg sitting down to eat. Second and third photographs show Mr. Sandburg out in the yard with his goats. The fourth picture shows Mr. Sandburg playing the guitar and…

Two photographs form a series of photographs on Carl Sandburg. First photograph shows him out in front of his home with an two other people. The second photograph shows him leaning back in a chair talking.

Series of pictures of an interview with Carl Sandburg. First photograph shows him with a woman that may be his wife, second picture is a closeup of Sandburg sitting in a chair and the third photograph is of his typewriter.

Carl Sandburg playing the guitar and singing.