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Night at the Bopera.

Foot-loose and Fancy Free just about describes the pair of jitterbugs in the ceter surrounded by a ring of beboppers at London's Feldman Club. Bebop is the latest baby of King Jazz and though the addicts keep their feet on the floor, they are no…

Stafford Cripps, Chancellor of the Excheque and top economic expert in the British government distorted in a mirror.

Sigmund (Sam) Engel, 73-year-old 'Romeo' and accused swindler of wealthy women, takes a swing at the lawyer whose father posted the $37,500 bond which gave him temporary freedom. Engel was enraged because of the attorney's suggestion that he be…

He saved her from an attacker, but he was severely beaten in her defense...and so they were married.

Woman leaning back to avoid a policeman who is trying to take hold of her arm.

Policemen fire on a man barricaded in a railroad station. Photo shows entire street.

Cowboy on the open range, rests in the shadow of his horse.

McCombe captured on film his own feeling of 'great satisfaction' at the beauty of these galloping 'naked' horses being driven into a corral.

Photo shows a wild horse roundup.