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Veronica Lake's children, Michael, 4, and Elaine 8, try to catch a pigeon.

Mother holds on tight as the little girl darts out to join the St. Patrick's Day parade.

Boy getting bitten by a cow.

Bull standing in the middle of a bed.

Portrait of cat batting string.

This Detroit Detective Bureau's feline mascot makes its nightly mousing rounds via elevator.

Only genuine picture of execution in county jail shows James Morelli, 22, as lethal bolt exacted payment demanded by state for 'Mad Dog' slaying of Emil Scheichel, Dec. 12, 1947.

Arthur King's bruised and swelling face relfects more weariness than pain as it stops still another blow from the first of Alfredo Prada. Despite such blows, King was declared the winner. The bout was held September 23 in Madison Square Garden.

Photo shows victor and vanquished.

Boy bowling with a pumpkin for a bowling ball and corn cobs for bowling pins.