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Rev. Kelsey greeting members of his church,

Reverand Kelsey clapping his hands.

Reverand Kelsey at the pulpit.

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One in series on Negro Preacher

Reverand Kelsey preaching.

When the circus comes to town, the kids gather to watch the animals unload. Picture was taken just as a camel bent down and gave one of his young admirers a surprise kiss.

Mr. Eisenstaedt, ,Photographer of the Year, in 1951, took this shot of Mr. Churchill on his campaign for election in October.

Little Habey Lowrey, 2, Middletown, N.Y. is next in line to greet his daddy, Lt. (JG) Hugh Lowrey, who is busy greeting his wife shortly after the aircraft carrier Philipine Sea docked at Alemeda, Calif., June 9.

Kang laughing with a woman .