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Says Mr. Kammann, 'I felt like a worm taking this picture, but it is a traffic lesson people won't forget.'

In ambulance after automobile accident are Andrew Yourick, later held in hospital for police and Paul Hughes jailed pending investigation.

It was the day each Yank had dreamed of--the Victory Parade up 5th Ave. Here it is, viewed through a show window. Wounded vets look with pride at buddies marching by. Lt. John Evans, on litter watches with daughter and nurse.

Andrei Gromyko explains Russian viewpoint, addresses United Nations Council. Dr. Oscar Lange, left, Polish delegate, looks on.

The President samples a strawberry for the photographer when a crate is presented to Mr. Truman at the White House.

Dramatic scene before Coroner's Jury during an uproar in which Jacob Satton, center tried to attack James (sic) at the inquest into the death of Satton's 23 month old baby, Jack Arthur. Carson's allegedly admitted striking the infant. In this scene…

Runners crossing a finish line.

Dead man lying face down in the street, with crowd looking on.

Girl on corner.

Babe Ruth is surprised, upon arrival in Miami after operation, to receive badge and honorary membership in Boys' Club.