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Joseph Oddy, his face a bandaged mask, fighting for his life in an oxygen tent at Eloise Hospital where he was taken after being burned rescuing his son from their home.

A woman models a cor on stage at Warner's Cor Company's fashion show held in Bridgeport, Conn., for Warners' factory and townspeople.

General Dwight Eisenhower greets blind private at Senate hearing with friendly, 'Hellos! What are you doing here?'

Frederick R. Hills gives way to despair as his family leaves the courtroom for the last time. He had just been condemned to die in the electric chair for the murder of his wife. He buried her alive in the back of his nursery.

An alleged murderer, who objected to being photographed, lunges forward after attack on Augustus Chinn, Washington Star staff photographer.

Woman crying at desk of police officer. Gun is sitting on table beside her.

The emotions--horror, awe, curiosity--touching the faces of the crowd watching as coroner's attendants remove the body of Ted Moody, slain in his gasoline service station.

This was the climax on a final fling by a cow, which bolted while being unloaded, and turned on her pursuers after swimming the Menomonee river. The cow was shot by a policeman.

Photo of kids and clown.

Photo shows cat sliding down pole in firehouse.