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Faces of audience register reactions to Frank Sinatra's rendition of 'You'll Never Know Just How Much I Care.'

An apparently staged photograph of a policeman 'rescuing' a woman.

In a paper drive at Chicago's Harrison High School, a jitterbug contest was held to increase collections. Eight couples entered the 'jive' competition. The winning couple is dancing among the stacks of paper which had been collected.

The parachute jump was made during maneuvers in N. Carolina. this was the first time a full division was moved by glider, but at that time the Sun was not permitted to mention the leap was from a glider. When Mr. Bodine saw the man was in trouble,…

Taken during the Firemen's Rodeo and Thrill Show last fall when, 'The Man Who Hangs Himself and Lives to Tell the Tale,' was killed.

Charles Hlad, University of Chicago, breasts tape to win the 100-yd-dash in a Big Ten Red Cross benefit athletic carnival at Northwestern's Dyche Stadium.

Charlie Chaplin slips wedding band on Oona O'Neill's finger as Justice of the Peace looks on. Date of photograph, June 17, 1943.

Jack Porter, who tripped over last barrier while leading the race, crawled toward the finish line to earn second place in high hurdles event at Patterson Field, Occidental College, Ca.

Sewell Avery being carried from the Montgomery Ward and Co. offices.