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Photograph shows Bob Barksdale, Morgan State, clearing the bar at six feet, nine inches, as he breaks a 22-year-old record. Photograph taken in Madison Square Garden.

Pack of runners during the middle of a race.

Unidentified runner during a race. No information with the photograph.

Photograph of a runner in starting position.

Relay runner crossing the finish line with dog. No information on this photograph.

Series of photographs showing Dumas breaking high jump record.

Hurdler is being left behind as he lays face down on the track. No information with the photograph as to when this took place.

Two unidentified tennis players during a game.

Vic Seixas seems to be taking time out from his tennis game against Australia's Ken Rosewall (forecourt) to juggle two rackets and a ball at Forest Hills. The illusion was created when Rosewall accidentally flipped his racket over the net after…

Woman chewing bubble gum while she plays tennis. Gum looks like the tennis ball hitting her in the mouth.