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Ship's steard Giro Auvito, his head bandaged, gestures as he tells newsmen about his escape from the stricken Italian ship Andrea Doria, July 26th. Auvito arrived here with other survivors aboard the French liner Ile De France, which rescued 750 from…

Couple standing on the beach watching something in the distance. Title implies that they are watching rescue workers drag a lake or river. No information was given with this photograph.

Guard standing by the casket of Alben Barkley, former vice president of the United States as an unidentified woman cries over the body. No information given with the photograph. Woman appears to be close to the deceased and is probably Mr. Barkley's…

A Dog's Best Friend at the time of a rabies shot is a tiny blond mistress who has had a shot or two herself in her time. Clutching her dog, Pixie, and her crayon as that needle approaches is Donna Marie Mreitmeyer, 3, of 2201 Cottage Lane. Pixie was…

Picture shows three young women in formal gowns standing on an elaborate stairway.

Richard Nixon greeting Queen Elizabeth

Series of pictures on different aspects of Navy life.

Series of pictures on different aspects of Navy life.

Unidentified officer in the Navy. No information is given with this photograph.