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Couple fleeing home.

Picture shows fire victims watching their apartment house burn.

Holding the hand of a seriously injured dock worker, a pier employee seeks help at pier adjoining Brooklyn's Pier 35 where titanic blast wrecked the area yesterday. In background, fireboat moves in to battle blaze at close range. Explosion broke…

Man burned in an explosion in an emergency room at a hospital. No information given with this photograph.

Man lying on the ground next to his motorcycle. A policeman is kneeling beside him. Another victim is lying on the road and is covered with a blanket. No information given with the photograph.

Man trapped inside a truck. No information given with this photograph.

The boy had just been knocked down by an automobile. He was running out to meet his sister, shown in the picture, as she came home from school.

Woman sitting in the middle of the road looking very disgusted.

Wracked with pain after having been hit by a truck, weeping Raymond Irrizarry, 9, reaches up to accept comfort from passerby Dolores Carpenter. Boy was lying on cobblestone pavement of a Bronx street with a leg fracture.

Woman lying in the road. She has been hit by a car and the car has driven off. No information with this photograph.