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Manor gates and trees during a blizzard.

Rain pours down in the photo of a residential street scene with two women standing under an umbrella in the distance.

Young boy and man out in a blizzard.

Areal view of a valley covered with snow. A pattern of snow fences decorates the scene.

Photo shows pedestrians crossing the street in the rain. The photographer took the picture from inside a car, using the steering wheel and windshield to frame the photograph.

Wind is so hard that it is blowing plywood off the piles it is stacked in and carrying it off. No information with this photograph.

Family walking through snow storm to a log cabin. No information with this photograph.

A victim of a New York storm, this hapless woman has the fabric torn from her umbrella by a wintry gust in the Times Square area.

Ice on a lake that has been piled up together. Some kind of wooden structure has hit the ice and broken into several pieces. No information given with this photograph.

Photographer says, 'Some New Yorkers take their ease in Bryant Park May 14 as Spring takes over the town. Not even the sometimes pesky Pigeons, all a'flutter because of the nice weather, disturb the fountain-sitters lucky enough to be able to idle…