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Photo shows a picture of winter street scene taken through the back windshield of a car.

Photo shows a man walking past a street cleaner's broom and garbage can during a blizzard.

Sea Gulls perched on posts out in the water.

Photo shows a harbor scene with two men in a small boat dwarfed by a fog-shrouded freighter.

The wind fills the white and rushing sail and bends the gallant mast of the Dutch ship, which rides Wawasee waves.

Young child that has been injured in a tornado. The child is lying in a hospital bed and holding on to someone's hand.

Woman identifying body that is laying on the floor. No information with this photograph as to how the man died.

Man being pulled out of the water and into a boat.

Elderly woman being carried between two firemen. No information given with photograph.

Couple running from their home carrying arm loads of items from their house. In the background is a large fire that is spreading toward their house. No information given with the photograph.