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Police guns 'nail' to the wall men wanted for questioning in a wave of robberies.

Mr. Stapleton, recording the capture of a fugitive, advanced with police under a small-arms barrage expecting at any moment a burst of fire from a concealed rifle. Stapleton later learned the fugitive had thrown the rifle away.

An unusual portrait of a city, this picture tells the story of Chicago at night. Familiar buidings thrusting themselves skyward are studded with a thousand and one lights.

Young girl sitting in front of the Christmas Tree holding a broken doll and crying.

Close up shot of two small children watching the parade. The children are featured, the armed guard and darkened figures complete the story.

During the June 1947 floods the photographer caught this hen coming down the main street of Canton, Missouri. In water up to his hips to get a close-up, he provided an unusual record of the 'fowl'.

This, says the photographer, 'is perhaps the first time that both a cameraman and a bull have caught a matador off guard from the rear.' The famous Ortego was wounded, though not fatally.

It shows Wallace Smith, Cincinnati, national A.A.U. bantamweight champion, both feet in the air, being knocked down by Eddie Marretta, Cleveland, in a Golden Gloves match.

The angle is just right to show Louis down and Walcott up. Sharpness of the third man in the ring adds a dramatic quality. The picture was made in Madison Square Garden.

Photo shows Jerome Richardson on the receiving end of John Izzo's punch. Richardson came back to take the decision.