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Photographer says, 'Kids don't need fancy equipment to have fun. The simple pleasures of childhood are simple indeed. A boy plus a girl plus a tree can add up to a happy game of peek-a-boo which is more fun than any TV show or elaborate amusement…

Young girl feeding the geese.

Photograph of a cheerleader who is soaked and obviously disgusted with the way the game is going.

Photograph of a cheerleader cheering in the pouring rain.

Series of photographs of a day spent at a small Ozark cemetery. People place flowers on the graves, children play around the graves, a community covered dish supper is laid out and everyone participates in the day.

Cattle crowded in stock-yard pen.

Fidel Castro hugging an unidentified individual.

Little girl dying of cancer is at the window of hospital playroom--her parents live out of town. Photographer says she didn't even know this picture was made.

Two soldiers and their equipment partially hidden because of the camouflage behind them.

Series of photographs showing the 'birth' of a butterfly.