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Photograph of a new mother holding one of her triplets. Other two babies are lying in a crib and appear to be watching their mother.

The birds were made to fly away, one by one, by special processing in the laboratory. Photograph has the appearance of a line drawing.

Biker sprawled on the concrete as another racer passes by him.

An aged East German couple approaching the barbed wire barrier. The Communist guards told them they could not pass. Reichert caught the action as the dejected couple was being escorted from the barrier.

Series of photographs on the construction of the Berlin wall.

The man resting his glasses on the wall is a member of the Communist SSD, the secret police.

Photographer says, 'A tame rabbit scampered into the bear pit at the zoo in Madison, Wisconsin, wanting to make friends but prepared for a pounce. The bears felt sociable, though, and even let the bunny feed on their dinner scraps. Now they are the…

One woman basketball player slipping and falling on top of another.

Basketball player looking in the wrong direction for the ball.

Basketball player leaning his head against the wall appears to be crying.