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A basketball coach's antics on the sidelines.

Students, many of whom came clad in pajamas, charged toward Rebel Jamie King, chanting 'Get King's knee.' The son of Hollins Coach Roy King wears a brace to support a cartilage operation performed last year. They did manage to maul him before his…

Player shooting a basket while other team's members are trying to block the shot.

Basketball player with an open shot.

Offical appears to be catching ball player who has just slipped.

Two basketball players jumping in the air with the first player trying to make a basket and the second player trying to block the shot.

Basketball player who appears to have a player from the other team kneeling on his back.

Photograph showing ball player guarding another player.

Photograph of a basketball player shot from below the player as he shoots for the basket.

Series of photographs showing the reactions of the coach during a basketball game.