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Elderly couple standing out in front of their home that has recently burned. Men are working on the house. Items that were saved from the fire are scattered around the yard.

A grandmother and two of her grandchildren huddle on the steps of a building as the firemen battle to keep the building that they live in from burning to the ground.

Fireman and woman standing together.

Tragic story of his ship is read by victim Cecil K. Carrier, AKAN, of Bristol, Tenn., in the Quon Infirmary. With him yesterday is Mrs. William J. Herlihy, a Red Cross Gray Lady.

Soldier leading an injured soldier. Appears to have been some kind of accident. No data available.

Elderly man hurt in an accident. A police officer is talking to the injured man. Others are gathered around watching.

Death of two-year-old Tony Guerrero, Colorado's 340th traffic victim of the year. The caption in part reads, It's 11 o'clock on a Sunday morning. People are going to church. In a small room, an ambulance attendant lowers his stethoscope to the…

Mrs. Rose Archina screams hysterically at her home shortly after a bloodly gunfire spree in which three persons were slain and a fourth critically wounded. She is being comforted by an aunt, Mrs. Mary Carelli. Mrs. Archina witnessed the gunfire in…

Navy jet in flight.

Soviet Foreign Minister Andrei Vishinsky makes a point as he reviews Korean Question before United Nations in New York Oct. 29. Listening are Secretary of State Dean Acheson (left) Warren Austin, U.S., Minister of State Selwayn Lloyd and Sir Gladwyn…