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Series of pictures on the Gaston Dominici murder trial. Dominici entering the courthouse for the trial.

With head in hand, chief defense attorney William J. Corrigan seems to reflect some of the strain produced by the trial of Dr. Samuel Sheppard, who is charged with murdering his wife on July 4th. Corrigan is shown pausing to meditate before the trial…

Multiple exposure on one picture to show a high jumper leaving the ground, going over the bar, and landing on the other side.

Santee's flashing legs speed by time keeper and clockwatcher.

With only a single stride to go, Jim Lea of the University of Southern California collapsed at the finish of the 440 event at the Compton Invitation Track and Field Meet. But in collapsing, Lea's outstretched hands grasped the tape to give him…

Two runners at the finish line. One wins 'by a nose'.

Children playing in a swimming pool. Shows young boy in fins jumping into pool.

Jody Alderson, Illinois' famed mermaid, as she prepares for the Natonal AAU meet at Daytona Beach.

Young boy doing a belly buster into the lake.

Photograph of two people watching a sun over a lake.