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Portrait of an unidentified woman posing with tree branches surrounding her head.

Photograph of a frozen pair of long underwear standing up straight in a pair of snow boots posed before a camera. Snow is on the ground.

Woman with umbrella jumping large puddle of water that has accumulated along the curb. Her reflection can be seen in the puddle.

Series of photographs showing people on the street during a rain storm.

Telephone lines covered with ice.

This is an early morning picture of the fog on the Saint Johns River.

View of a lake with one lone boat with two fishermen in it. Sky is cloudy and overcast.

Photographer says, 'The cool and boundless oceans offer man an almost limitless supply of drinking water through new distillation processes.'

Man fishing at a lake. Gold leaves frame most of the photograph.

Photograph of two boys playing in the water. The water is deep blue and appears very cold from the posture of the boys.