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Lily pads on the water.

Two children playing in the water as the sun s.

Portrait of Werner Von Braun.

Photographer says, 'Overall hope for this layout is that it might convey some of the beauty of the people and the country with all-present question of 'why war?' The people are kind, gentle unwarlike from quizzical look of native woman, to prayers…

Series of photographs showing U.S. Army recruits on the battlefield.

Depth of despair is shown in man's face as he gets ready to board a rescue boat from the floodwaters in Hurricane Carla. He and his wife waited until the water was over the window sills of their home before leaving. He had lived at same location all…

Man flees his burning home.

Small boy lying in the middle of the street. It appears that he was hit by an automobile.

Death, without warning, stuck down the entire family of Roger Lewis, 11. Roger's father, mother and five brothers and sisters were crushed to death in a tragic car-truck collision. Grieving, Roger sought a measure of comfort in a visit to the quiet…