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Woman working behind the counter at a store has one of her shoes off. Customers are waiting to be helped.

Small boy riding a rocking horse next to a Christmas Tree.

Photograph of Christ on the cross with jet planes flying above it.

Photo shows a young girl waiting on a bench at a station.

Pictures show the boy hugging a little girl, chasing cows, climbing a fence, looking at chickens, and with a lantern in the henhouse.

Pictures show a boy walking through mud with a lantern, praying in church, sitting on the floor with dogs, looking wistfully at a table-full of food and taking a bath in a sink with a little girl watching.

Caption says 'The Happy New Land' (discovered by German DP boy). Picture shows a boy running through a field with a horse in the background.

Group of boys playing in the water gushing from a fire hydrant.

Children rolling snow into a ball.

A young boy chasing a rabbit.