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Boys hanging onto the end of a truck. Subset title, All Hands on Deck

Boys hanging onto the end of a truck.

Small child lying inside a large wheel.

Small boy sitting in the pilot's seat of a large plane.

A young boy playing on monkey bars.

Mrs. Rose Rivera, 37, turns away from her 6-month-old son, held by Patrolman John Walsh in patrol car at 200 W. 81st St. Mrs. Rivera dangled child out apartment window, over 15-foot-deep areaway, by one foot. Another tenant snatched child from her.…

Photograph of an elderly woman visiting a grave in a small church graveyard.

Photo shows two kittens.

Ironworker Richard Hicks turns on shower of sparks as he blocks out beam for construction of News garage on E. 41st St. Silhouetted against the dusk is The News building. Hicks is one of the stars in the big building show which is thrilling…

Photograph shows a worker carrying a section of a chimney. Because of the way he is carrying it, the man appears to be headless.