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Photograph of a basketball player with the basketball in front of his head. This makes the basketball appear to be his head.

Pictures show a youth with one arm swinging at a ball. Second and third photographs show him hitting the ball and running.

Series of photographs showing an arguement taking place on the field during a baseball game.

Yankee hitting spree sends Lew Burdette to dugout. Batted off the mound by the battling New York Yankees pitcher Lew Burnette walked to the dugout in the sixth inning of Monday's World Series game at New York. Picture published October 7, l958.

Player arguing with the umpire.

Young boy runs on field towards New York baseball team as they run off field.

Picture shows a baseball player reaching into the stands for a ball with spectators reacting.

Photograph of an umpire. The baseball is coming directly towards him and appears to be ready to hit him in the eye.

Photograph uses double exposure to show two umpires making a call.

Wayne Terwilliger of the Charleston Senators hits the ground in a desperate belly slide but he's out at third base as the Denver Bears' Gene Hassell takes a throw from shortstop Dick Sanders. The action came in the eighth inning of Friday night's…