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Man painting a portrait of his two daughters at the ocean.

Pictures show a man leading a mule into a barn and a horsedrawn wagon outside an old farmhouse.

Pictures show an older man reading the bible by a kerosene lamp and a water pump.

Pictures show a woman with a sunbonnet and two men sitting on the bumper of a car outside a general store.

Photograph taken from the top of the ferris wheel.

Two members of the Amish sect gaze at a long line of stalled trucks on a snow-bound highway in Lancaster, PA. They crossed the road with no trouble in a horse-drawn sleigh to deliver their milk to market. The Atlantic coast snow storm caused…

Picture shows men unloading cargo from a Navy aircraft.

Picture shows the missile's white streak.

Photo shows a plane just about to land.

Picture shows Ruthe Elliot in a formal dress with a scarf and long cigarette holder.