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Photos show the production end of 'I Love Lucy' television program. Desi Arnez is the producer.

Picture shows two trucks that crashed into each other.

Picture is framed through the back of a burned tractor trailor showing a bulldozer and debris on the road.

Picture shows crumpled mess of metal that appears to be farm machinery on railroad tracks.

Workmen off a gas explosion while working on a gas line. Two were injured, one was killed. One of the photos shows his skeleton. There was a frantic search for a shutoff valve, when it was found it was too late.

Picture shows a hand reaching into the water touching a shoe. A hand of the victim breaks the water.

Photograph shows a dozen men walking on the banks of a river. A school bus appears to be partially submerged.

Picture shows a car that has run into a fire hydrant. Water is shooting 30 feet into the air.

Photograph shows a policeman wrestling with a man in the middle of the road. A clothes basket, shoes and other items litter the road after a car wreck.

Photograph of a man crawling out from under an overturned car.