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Picture shows a close up portrait of Warden Alvis with head bandaged and blood running down his face.

Photograph shows men pulling a dead woman out from underneath an overturned car.

Shocked into unconsciousness, lineman William (sic) hangs by his safety belt from the top of a telephone pole here, April 7th, after he was electrocuted while repairing tornado-damaged lines. The lineman was hopitalized, but he died three hours…

Picture shows a young boy with an adult's jacket around his shoulders sitting in a automobile looking at the camera through cracked glass.

Photograph of a young girl crying while she tells a man about how her brother got hurt.

Neighbors comfort Mrs. Natividad Santos Berrios, who collapsed on hearing her 5-year-old son Anibal had died in flames in a top-floor room at 221 E. 122d St. Nine others, several of them children, were hurt when flames swept through the four-story…

Picture shows an injured couple holding hands in an ambulance.

Photo shows an elderly man walking his broom-laden bicycle up a cobblestone street.

Photo shows a debutante ball in a lavish ballroom.

Guests at a dinner party given by the Prince of Cambodia talk before the entertainment. Talking to the Prince (center) is Army Secretary Bricker. Secretary of State Dulles, front row right, talks to Mrs. Robertson, wife of Assistant Secretary of…