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Women waiting on dock for a military ship to dock.

Ten mile judge gives runner his time in a marathon race.

Picture shows trophys for the state championship track and field competition with runners out of focus in the background.

Photo shows a man clearing the high jump bar.

Photo illustrates the food used in the Thanksgiving feast -- pumpkins, apples, squash, nuts. The food is displayed in front of an old fashioned wooden wall with plastic grapes, indian corn, feathers and a picture of a woman hung on it.

Unidentified tennis player who has hurt his ankle.

Tennis player whose racquet has been thrown high into the air.

Photos show various aspects of a war, including
wounded soldiers and civilians, attempts to bomb a parked aircraft, night fire.

Photos show various war situations, including a bunker, an explosion at sea and troops in trucks moving down a dusty road.

Picture shows a youth jumping off a bridge into a creek. A number of people are swimming and are sitting on the bridge and creek bank.