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Cowboy falling off bucking horse.

Cowboy lassoing calf.

Photo shows liftoff of a Viking rocket. Caption says 'Guided missiles reached the stage of development where normally cautious scientists freely predicted we could land a rocket on the moon or dispatch an atomic bomb halfway around the world within…

There was a riot in the capital when segregation ended at a swimming pool, though this particular incident, seemingly brutal, was actually an accident.

Empty restaurant with tables all .

Line of men practicing music in what appears to be a Catholic Church.

Four Trappist monks return from the fields to their monastery, near Dubuque, Iowa, where the monks live in perpetual silence.

Photo shows little girl snapping a photograph of the Catholic hierarchy including Cardinal Spellman.

Monk fixing a rosary. In the background are statues of Mary , crosses and other religious items that appear to be for sale.

Aerial view of a large church and hundreds of people milling about and going into the church.