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Man walking down a hill. Everything is very bleak.

Old run down house that looks ready to fall down. Woman is staring out the second story window.

Man lying in gutter.

This man was awakened by a photographer. He was sleeping on a loading dock at Green and Madison Sts. When he saw who had awakened him, he reached for his bottle and gulped as the photographer shot a picture.

Driven from the area known as Skid Row when the police put the 'heat' on, this fellow ended up on an ash heap a few blocks away and nearer to the loop.

The social hour. A couple who have spent most of their day drinking in the Skid Row saloons drift into a parking lot to carry on their conversation.

Another jungle scene. Men sleep among the trash and boxes that later will be burned to cook a meal.

This doorway, like any doorway in Skid Row, affords loafing place for men who find employment only when the fancy moves them.

A jungle at Monroe and Sangamon Sts. The men are cooking a chicken they 'found'. They wouldn't pose for a picture until the photographer offered them ten cents each...the price of a bottle of wine when they pooled the money.

Portions of paper boxes form a blanket for this Skid Row sleeper.