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This is a typical shot of Madison St., looking west from Desplaines St. The man in the gutter is typical, as is the one weaving toward the camera. In one day as many as 120 men were counted passed out on the street and in the alleys of Skid Row.

In a jungle at 114 Green St., men sleep, cook, eat and live among the timbers and weeds. As many as 16 men have been counted here at one time, sleeping among the timbers.

Drunk woman in the street.

Photo shows interior of flop-house.

He straightened up for a moment, looked about, rolled over and went back to his drunken sleep.

The woman tried the door of Barney's New Deal Saloon. She tottered for several seconds trying to read the sign on the door, 'closed for repairs.' The place had been closed because it lacked a license. The man at her feet had tried the door and…

Daylight brings these fellows from their dingy flop-house cells or jungle hideouts to loaf the day away along the streets of Skid Row.

They're 'loaded' on a loading dock.

Three skid row residents huddled together under stairs.

Reporter William Mooney, left, dressed as a resident of the neighborhood, talks with Skid Row occupants, one a lawyer who had lost his practice.