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Through half-closed eyes this fellow looks upon a troublesome world--a world from which he seeks escape in drink, when he has the price.

This shot was made in the afternoon near Green St. THe woman is a college graduate who went on what she terms 'a long bender' because of boy friend trouble.

A trash-littered and fire-charred truck trailer forms a shelter for these Skid Row derelicts, who haven't the price of a bed in a flop house.

Man wearing a dress walking down the street.

This young man was lying in an alley. The photographer became ill after watching the flies crawl into the man's mouth. The man could not be awakened by the police and they allowed him to stay where he was.

Men against the wall. For many this is the end of the line...a jungle berth in Skid Row. Some may try to climb back up the ladder, but others may never try.

Man lying on cot.

The restaurant sign makes an appeal for business in the Skid Row area.

A sprawling drunk is normal prey for jackrollers in Skid Row. The photographer approached the scene just as one fellow had completed frisking the sleeper. The two men walking appeared to have picked out the drunk as a possible jackroll subject but…

Sunday morning on Skid Row sees Mother Josephine McAllister preaching and talking to some of the men. Many Bible students enter the area on Fridays and Sundays to plead with the men, but most are too young to cope with the situation they meet. They…