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The keeper of St. Paul's Como Zoo kept a careful watch while Mr. Strasser worked. Ropes were attached to the open door, and the zoo attendant was ready to slam it shut at the slightest move of the animals.

Children around teacher's desk on first day of school.

Made in Gallup, N. Mexico during the 1945 annual inter-tribal ceremonial.

Dusk, a blanket of snow, and lights provide a jewel-like ting for some of New York's outstanding buildings. This picture, of Bryant Park, mid-town Manhattan was a ten second time exposure.

Four-year-old Howard Jay Gruber smiles over a book on rabbits

Child in boxing gloves standing on scale.

Taken at the St. Louis Free Immunization Clinic located in the Municipal Courts Building.

Although he is trying to turn a deaf ear, Circuit Court Judge Prystalski has the law laid down to him by his wife. Selected to serve on the new Criminal Court grand jury, Mrs. Prystalski is blaming her husband for the arrangement.