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The Kodatron speedlight photo was made at Madison Square Garden during the East-West Golden Gloves amateur matches.

On April 25, the Burlington Exposition Flyer crashed into another streamliner at Naperville, Ill. Arabinko saw the wounded Marine being lifted from a window.

This air view shows the 45,000 ton flat-top, Franklin D. Roosevelt, moving along the New York skyline to begin its shakedown cruise in the Caribbean.

High school soccer game in the rain.

John G. Agobian, 26, former vaudeville wrestler and circus strong man, is being carried to jail after he threw 24-year-old June Lancaster into a lake and then offered to rescue her.

Frank Richardson, a Purple heart Veteran has plenty of bitter thoughts about what he was fighting for as he sits on curb with wife and 9-month-old son. They were evicted from Yonkers apartment by a new owner.

While model of electric chair, which they escaped, looms in the background, two killers talk with Warden Frank Sain at county jail. The warden briefed the pair on Joliet, where they were sent, the teen-ager for 7 to 14 years, and the other for life.

Photo shows Western Union delivering a telegram to a grieving family.

Cono Librizzi tried to duck photographers at police headquarters, where he called voluntarily while police were rounding up members of his gang in connection with a slaying.

Alvin Heaps, discharged service man still in uniform, joined picket line at Montgomery Ward's. When told to get away, he argued with Captain George Barnes of police labor detail.