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Partially overturned railroad car that has been almost completely destroyed.

Wreckage of a completely destroyed bus.

People lying in front of a bus that has crashed.

Picture of a smashed automobile.

Man being thrown from a car as it is struck by another car. People are gathered around a ledge observing this demonstration.

Woman stuck under automobile.

Photo shows two truck tires pressed together after accident.

Aerial photo of downed airliner in London.

Morris, 5, didn't have a nickel when he meandered into the lobby at the Yeshiva of Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn while services were in progress. He yearned for a hunk of candy, and when he spotted the vending machine, the tempetation was strong, so up…

Leo Sanchez, 6, center, thought a garbage can was a fine place to hide during a hide-and-seek game. He got into the can, but couldn't get out, until Firemen Jim Anderson, left, and Ralph Santoro came to the rescue, with hacksaws and bolt-carriers.