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A young Irishman walks down the steps of the famous Tate Gallery here, seemingly unconcerned, with the painting 'Jour D'Ete' (Summer's Day) tucked under his arm after it has been snatched from its place on one of the gallery walls. A companion stands…

Grid of platforms that go up to the top of a large dome.

Picture shows a cat jumping through a ring of fire.

Picture shows cat scaling a tight rope.

Police dog being trained to attack.

The toy poodle made a big hit at the annual canine cavalcade at Rockefeller Center as he bounded through the hoop carrying a basket of flowers in his mouth.

Pictures show a dog and his master. The dog is learning how to retrieve birds.

Photo shows airplane lights moving from the sky to a landing runway.

Aerial view of an airport at night.

Series of pictures of three military airplanes making a loop in the sky. No information given with this photograph.