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Series of pictures of a young boy being saved from drowning. Pictures show the family watching rescue workers save the boy, other people on the beach watching the rescue and finally the young boy as he comes around. The boy lived.

Boy receiving a ticket from a policeman. His bike is lying in the street and has obviously been hit by the truck parked behind the bike. No information given about this photograph.

Man pinned under his automobile that has turned onto its side. No informaton given with the photograph.

Car hanging over the edge of a ledge. Both doors are open and the car looks like it has wings and is trying to fly. No information given with this photograph.

Photograph of an automobile that crashed through the brick wall of a parking garage and landed on the pavement below.

Photograph shows inside of a totaled automobile. The shoes of the driver and passenger are lying on the floor. No information given with this photograph.

Injured man lying over the back of the front seat in a car that has hit a lightpost. No information given with this photograph.

Car door wrapped around a post with a pair of shoes nearby.

Aerial photograph of a large plane crash.

Man in foreground is having his picture taken at the split second that a plane crashes in the background. No information given with the photograph.