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View out of airplane window while the plane is refueling in flight. No information is given with this photograph.

No information with photograph. It appears that Conrad Adenauer is receiving some type of honorary award.

A news conference attended by about a hundred reporters and photographers almost breaks up as the right shoulder strap of Marilyn Monroe's black velvet sheath dress breaks. A quick-thinking press agent draped her matching velvet coat over her…

Rosemary Clooney and Boris Karloff sitting in a dressing room. Boris Karloff is dressed in a night gown and has a woman's night cap on his head.

Photo of an unidentified actresse passing ushers.

Photograph shows cab of a semi truck that has been smashed almost beyond recognition. No information given with this photograph.

Aerial view of a train wreck.

Series of pictures showing a train wreck. First photo shows spectators watching rescue workers work on the train. Second photo shows people lined up along side the train.

Night scene of a derailed train.

Photograph shows gas tanker and freight train exploding.