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Hurdlers going over the hurdles. Photograph is blurred and has a feel of smooth flowing motion.

Two runners neck to neck at the finish line.

Shadow of a hurdler jumping over a hurdle.

Series of photographs from a production of 'A Thousand Clowns'.

Pictures show portraits of people, birds sitting on a wire, horses in a field, a church in a valley, a family, a spider in a web and a man making sorghum.

Portrait of a sixth grade teacher standing at the front of her class.

Close up of an unidentified swimmer doing the breast stroke.

Men during the backstroke competition.

Photograph taken underwater of champion diver Kathy Flicker. Kathy's head appears to be seperated from her body because of the distortion of the water.

The place is Chicago--the bricks in an alley on the North Side. Two teen-aged boys square off for a fight with knives. The photographer sees them, and his camera prevents a 'West Side Story' tragedy in Chicago, between Jim Shaughnessy, 15, (with…