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Salt flew from a spreader friday night as city crews battled snow slickened streets.

With a somewhat frightened expression on her face, the Oscar-winning, Sophia Loren, animatedly talks with a friend after appearing on the stage of the festival hall during the opening ceremonies of the 15th International Film Festival in Cannes,…

East Berlin soldier in training.

Peering over her glasses, actress Penny Singleton testified before the Senate Rackets Subcommittee here today. Miss Singleton, who played 'Blondie' in the movies and on television, accused a nation-wide entertainers union of abandoning its…

Captain Ralph Eyre-Walker bids a lonely farewell to his ship, the Montrose, which lies heeled over in the Detroit River. The Montrose collided with a cement barge in the Detroit River and capsized.

The bow of the ship breaks the ice as it moves forward in the water.

Large ship docked behind a very small ship.

Woman and dog walking in a park after the rain. Shadows of trees and light reflecting in water contrast with each other.

Series of pictures of two men who appear to be getting ready for a yachting race or some major sailing competition or event.

At an age when most people are long-retired, 78-year-old Mrs. Eleanor Roosevelt remains vigorous and active in politics, world affairs and her newspaper work. She married Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1905 and shared his achievements on the long journey…