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Squirrel walking a wire.

Picture taken in Pomona, Calif., from top of a partially completed sewer disposal wall built by the Army Corps. of Engineers.

Shows firemen and volunteers pouring water into flames sweeping through an apartment house in Watertown, N.Y.

Football game between Northwestern University and the University of Texas.

Glenn Chapman helping Mrs. Chapman from Albany Park Police Station after fire in which their son was burned to death.

Gyppy, baby squirrel found on a Jackson, Mich., lawn, soon learned the importance of a nursing bottle.

Lew Woods and Jake La Motta battle it out to a state of utter exhaustion.

Here's one youngster who can't agree that school is for him.

This is one of a series of pictures which appeared in the Chronicle, spotlighting the war housing problem, and the progress made in its solution.

Singer Grace Moore thought it a good idea to have her picture made while sitting on her baggage. The bag she chose as a seat tipped off the hotel truck, ting Miss Moore as seen here.