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Photo of downtown Milwaukee covered with snow. Photographer used a technique called 'painting with light,' which involves both a time exposure and popping a flash in different areas of the photograph.

Betty Ford does an abrupt sit-down, spattering herself with mud and snow, during Chicago's record storm.

Photo shows trainyard in the snow.

Detroit hunters struggling against 10-degree cold and wind whipped snows to free their car on the return trip after a succesfull hunt near Newberry, in the Upper Peninsula.

Photo shows men trying to dig out streetcar in background and snow-buried cars in foreground.

Picture of building on lower east side in the winter.

Train buried in the snow.

Photo shows hat being blown off a women on a downtown Chicago street.

Cars lined up at the Washington Monument.

Woman plunges from window of Winecoff hotel during fire in Atlanta, Dec. 7, 1946, meeting death on marquee a moment later.