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Mike Hill, a steel worker for 16 years, said he has found ways to cut expenses during the strike. 'It's been tough,' he says. 'You just have to do without some things.' But as time went on, many strikers became frustrated with the lack of funds…

A striking shipbuilder shows a thumbs down to a worker in an upstairs window at the yard during a rally in March. Some workers made the decision to cross the gates early in the strike.

Too poor to bury in the cemetery, the family of Joaquim Bernardino Guterres mourn his death while burying him in their front yard in Dili.

A flood of blood trails from Joaquim Bernardino Guterres' body seconds after being shot at point-blank range by police.

His body still quivering on the ground, other pro independence supporters react in shock at Joaquim Bernardino Guterres' killing.

Barefoot and armed with only rocks, Joaquim Bernardino Guterres begins to look back to see how close the Indonesian police are.

Indonesian police armed with M-16 rifles began to take aim at Joaquim Bernardino Guterres.

An Indonesian riot policeman kicks pro East Timorese independent supporter Joaquim Bernardino Guterres as he tries to run away.

Princess Rucker, left, weeps as she is embraced by her daughter's fiance Keyon Goss during a memorial service for the children.