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Teresa makes plans to move to North Carolina after graduating from her college. Fearful she may be moving before the holidays, she plans a surprise early Christmas for the children at her parent's home. She holds an exhausted Maddie after an…

A striker rejoices during a rally near the end of the union's strike. The workers received most of what they were asking for including better pension benefits and higher pay.

Neighbors gather in the center of White Stone Court in the Carleton Falls subdivision in Lee Hall in Newport News. They went outdoors when the sun came through the clouds. But within minutes dark skies and winds returned, bringing the brunt of the…

A resident of a Newport News apartment complex hands off bags of clothing which were in his flooded home.

Rob and Courtney Amos look over their heavily damaged car in the Carleton Falls neighborhood in the Lee Hall area of Newport News. A large tree fell on the car, crushing its roof.

As part of Teresa's hospice work she must report to the Edmark offices. On her last day at work there, she says a tearful goodbye to her co-workers.

Vietnam pulls at Hieu's arms and heart. He remains scarred by war, but in this girl's eyes lives the vision of true peace for his homeland. More than half of Vietnam's people are age 25 or younger.

A weeping Sam Tran prays near a line of police officers sent in to break up the anti-Communist protesters, who had blockaded the Hitek store.

The area's diverse immigrant communities come together in a mass at Holy Family Cathedral in Orange. Kevin Nguyen of Vietnam and Carlos Espinoza of Mexico carry on their cultural traditions.

Elfego gives a kiss to his older brother, and now father, Juan before going to sleep for the night. Elfego sometimes calls Juan his papa. 'I'm never going to leave him. Never,' said Juan.